-bismark- coo2


"coo2" is a new virtual synthesizer that uses Touch UI of iPhone and iPod touch.

Please refer to the youtube video that explains an easy operation example from our web site.

The vertical axis of the screen shows the music scale.
Various scale type can be selected in the Setting menu displayed by tapping "i" button.
The the root key and the octave can be changed with the buttons in the right of the screen.

The horizontal axis of the screen is used as a controller for various modulations.
Please select a favorite effect in the Setting menu displayed by tapping "i" button.

"coo2" includes only a few instruments as default, but it can load SoundFont 2 (*.sf2) files for Creative Sound Blaster series via WiFi connection. Copy your SoundFont 2 libraries to "coo2", and play with your great number of instruments !

*Be sure your iPhone is not in silent mode.
*Please do not use SoundFont 2 libraries of huge file size. (10MByte or less is recommended.)