bs-16 (16 multitimbral software playback sampler)
bs-1 (Software playback sampler)

bs-16 / bs-1 is shareware. If you find it useful for you and your environment, please send me registration fee using PayPal.

  • for bs-16 / US$50

  • for bs-16 upgrade from bs-1 / US$20

  • for bs-1 / US$30


This license is common for all platforms, so the password for Mac OS X and Windows OS are same.

All registered users can receive an e-mail including "user name" (your email address) and "password" for 2 or 3 days. After input them in plug-in window, all restrictions will be removed.

  • In the plug-in editor window, select "About..." in "Help" menu.


  • Input your registration name (your email address, case sensitive)


    • Input your password (16 characters, case sensitive), and press "OK" button to finish...

  • Before registration,
    • You must have a -dog's bowwow- beep sound for every 30 sec with demo version.


    bs-0 (Software sampler)
    bs-spectrum (Spectrum analyzer)

    bs-0 / bs-spectrum is freeware. But if you find it useful, please make a donation using PayPal. This will be used for future development and support.

    • for bs-0
    • for bs-spectrum